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This is the RC Screen Protector for the Futaba 12Z. It is representative of what you will receive with your purchase.


Thanks for stopping by RC (Remote Control) Screen Protectors.  We hope you like what you find here.


If you are familiar with screen protectors for iPods, PDA’s,  and cell phones, you will be familiar with what you find here.  If you haven’t experienced screen protectors for LCD displays and electronic equipment, we believe you will be very pleased to find what they can do to protect your expensive investment.


We believe we have made the very best Screen Protectors possible for model Remote Control transmitters. With the advent of today’s new, larger LCD transmitter screens and with the harsh environment of the flying field, we believe that a Screen Protector is critical to the long life and resale value of your investment. With many transmitters now being equipped with touch screens, the need for screen protection is more important than ever.


We are working hard to add new transmitter screens as quickly as possible and we hope you stop by often.

RC Screen Protectors

The above picture is an example of one of our Screen Protectors for the Futaba 12 radio.  Please note that your Screen Protector will be perfectly clear.  In this picture the backing has not been removed.

This picture was supplied by Singapore Hobby Supplies.

8 Oct 2012

Hello All... Just a short update to say the new Futaba T8J Screen Protector is ready and added to the catalog.

15 Jun 2012

We've gotten the dies in for the new Spektrum DX18 and been able to send a few sets out to a few Spektrum test pilots to verify the fit. They've reported back it's a great fit and we've added it to the web page. We produce our own Screen Protectors so you know they're in stock.

Also... We've gotten great feedback on the new online application instructions. One reoccurring issue was identifying which side was the liner and which was the Screen Protector. The online application instructions help with this but we've gone one step further. All new Screen Protectors come with a label noting which side is the Protector and which to discard. Hopefully this helps. As always if you have trouble, please write and we'll see you get a set on you TX.

9 Apr 2012

Great news! We've gotten a look at a pre-release Spektrum DX-18 and have been able to grab some dimensions. I think we're going to be able to add this to our catalog of Screen Protectors before the release of the TX!

Also, we've added a page to the site on applying RC Screen Protectors. Please see the star above.

7 Feb 2012

We have finally added the 18MZ Screen Protector to our catalog. There are so few of these radios out there that it's taken a little bit longer to bring this Protector to market than we would have liked. Thank you to all fellow modelers that help with its design. Without your help in both providing dimensions as well as verifying the fit, we wouldn't have been able to design and begin production of this much needed Protector.

Futaba 18MZ

4 Jan 2012

This is the first update in quite a while. We are doing well here at RC Screen Protectors but there has been a slowdown in new transmitters and little reason to update the website.

The last update was to add the then new DX8. On this update we've added the new DX7s. This of course is not a new Screen Protector but a common Protector with the DX8.

We've also been getting a lot of requests for the NEW Futaba 18MZ. At the time of this writing, this radio has just been released and we've not been able to look at an 18 to pull the dimensions off. As soon as we get the drawing done we will have dies made and add this killer radio to our Screen Protector lineup.

23 Oct 2010

Hello Fellow Modelers… This is a DX8 update…

The new DX8 die came in on Friday, 22 Oct and all DX8 orders were shipped Saturday morning, 23 October. Orders to the US should be arriving around Thursday, 28 October and many orders outside the US should be arriving in about 10 days… around Wednesday, Sept 3.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to write.

19 Oct 201

Hello All… This is an important update regarding the new DX8 Screen Protector. We received our 1st die for this new transmitter and on first inspection it appeared ready for release. Upon very careful inspection we decided it could be better. The bottom radius was off by a few thousands of an inch and we’ve decided to delay shipping this Protector until we can order a new die. Unfortunately, we have begun sales of this protector and have had to delay shipping the orders we’ve already received.

If you’ve order a DX8 Screen Protector know that we’ve received your order and that we expect the new tool to be in sometime around Oct 20, 21, or 22. We will send your order as soon as we verify the new die is up to our (your) standards.

If you’ve placed an order for the DX8 and don’t want to wait, we will refund your purchase.

We’ve very sorry for the delay but feel that it’s better to wait for a product you want and that we’re proud of.


Bill and Chuck

Oct 12, 2010

Hey Folks.... The Spektrum DX8 Screen Protector was a radio that seemed to sneak under the radar. As I noted in August, no one had asked for a protector for this radio. Then one day not too long ago, we started getting 3 or 4 requests per day! The good news is the dies came in yesterday and we've had a chance to give 'em a good going over. This looks like a fantastic radio complete with telemetry!

Please see the product page for notes. Spektrum DX8

Make sure you let us know what you would like to see next.

Aug 17, 2010

Great news. The JR 11X dies are in and this Screen Protector is ready for release! It's getting thougher and tougher to keep up with the latest radio offerings. It wasn't 6 months ago we were celebrating the addition of the Futaba 8FG radio and now the JR 11X is here.... So many great radios... so little time.

As of yet we haven't had anyone ask about a Screen Protector for the new Spektrum DX8 and requests for the SD-10G have been pretty slim. If you like to see us produce a particular Screen Protector give us a shout. If we get enough requests we'll do some drawing and make a die.

APR 23, 2010

This is just a short up date to say we are still working hard on getting the new Airtronics SD-10G and JR 11X added to the catalog. We've also had a few requests for the Spektrum DX3S so we are going to move that up the list.

I've also added a few new modeler comments on the "What others are saying..." page. We've recently received a few really nice comments from a few of our modeling friends and customers. Because our mantra is "We really want happy modelers", it makes our day when folks write to say they found our product useful.

FEB 23, 2010

Great news! The new Futaba 8FG dies are in. We received the new dies yesterday and spent last night and today confirming the fit. Please see the product page for notes. Futaba 8FG

The Airtronics SD-10G is now at the top of the list. We have some of the information we need to design this Screen Protector but may have to wait to actually hold an SD-10G transmitter before we can go further.

On the distant horizon is the new JR 11X. Right now this radio is just pictures and press releases so there is no telling if or when we'll see this radio in shops. The angles on this radio will make it a challenge for the design departement (Chuck). Here's a link for a look-> JR 11X

FEB 13, 2010

We are hoping to add the NEW FUTABA 8FG Screen Protector to our catalog by March 1, 2010. We've been getting many requests for this protector and we're really anxious to get this done.

Recently there have been a lot of requests for a Screen Protector for the NEW AIRTRONICS SD-10G. We've moved this protector up the to do list. We don't have an estimated date yet.

We've also been getting quite a few e-mails about the new JR 9503. We can confirm that the Screen Protector for the JR 9303 that we already produce is an exact fit for the JR 9503. That was Easy!

Blog Spot:

Rounded Rectangle: Hello Friends and Fellow Modelers.  

I’m saddened to say we have had to discontinue sales while we reconsider our business model. After some reorganization, we will be back stronger than ever but we will have to pause here to make those changes.  

Please know that we are still here and answering emails. We still have a great amount of stock and all production tooling. We will support your purchase for years to come.  We just are not excepting any new orders at this time.

Bill and Chuck