About Us

RC Screen Protectors is a division of Superior Technology Warehouse (STW), Inc.  STW is a corporation founded for one purpose and one purpose only. We want to provide superior technology products for modelers.

RC Screen Protectors was created to provide Screen Protectors to modelers that have invested in an expensive and complex remote control transmitter.  We have sought out the absolute very best materials available in the screen protection industry. We have engineered a perfect fitting and easy to apply Screen Protector for today's most popular RC transmitters.  Much as people need screen protectors for their iPod, PDA or cell phones, we believe modelers want and need a superbly engineered Screen Protector for their considerable investment in a remote control transmitter. 

We at STW and RC Screen Protectors are life long modelers ourselves and believe the world has enough “average” products.  We want to provide “superior” products.


STW and it’s subdivision, RC Screen Protectors, was founded by Bill Vail and Chuck Harris.

Chuck just celebrated his 30th year with a fortune 500 company. He is currently one of their senior production engineers. 

Bill loves anything RC.  He attended Washington State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. He served in the US military for 12 years.  Bill has 40+ years of modeling experience in almost all areas of the hobby.

Your Transmitter Is Worth It!

RC Screen Protectors