Futaba 14MZAP 14-Channel PCM/R5014DPS Rx 72MHz Mode 1

Product Detail

2 Custom cut RC Screen Protectors for the Futaba 18MZ.

Itís taken a little while for us to bring this Screen Protector to market but thanks to the help of some great modelers from literally around the world, we can now offer this Screen Protector. The dimensions for this Protector were provided by several modelers and we were able to verify the fit of the production Protector with the help of a fellow modeler that graciously let us use his new 18MZ as a test screen.†

We are happy to say that the new 18MZ Screen Protector fits PERFECTLY!† Thank you to all that helped!

Youíve just spent $3,000USD on a new transmitter with a massive, backlit, touch, screen.† Donít you think it deserves a Protector?

Futaba 18MZ RC Screen Protectors

Price: 13.95

Your Transmitter Is Worth It!

RC Screen Protectors