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I have one last item for this month.

In the 14MZ article, I noted that the touch screen should be protected with a PDA style screen protector. Well, either great minds think alike or someone does read my article! (I think it is the former) While lurking on a web forum over the holidays, I came across a screen Protector for the 14MZ! The company has just started up and is making the 14MZ protector available. They plan on making protectors for other radios based on demand. The cost for two 14MZ screen protectors is $13.95 shipped. The protectors mount to the screen very easily and are VERY clear. They also fit well and do not interfere with the touch screen. I am very pleased with the result. Just make sure to follow the directions and clean the screen THOROUGHLY! Any dirt will cause a bubble under the protector. The web site is HTTP://rcscreenprotectors.com/. Even if your radio doesn’t have a touch screen ,it is a worthwhile investment to protect the expensive screen from dirt and oil.

The following is an excerpt from Mike Gaza's column “Up In The Air” as it appeared in the May/Jun issue of  Model Helicopter Technique Magazine.

Below are the comments of Dick Pettit in his “The Big Picture” column in the Jun issue of R/C Report Magazine.

Be Sure To Use Protection.

                 Most, if not all the new transmitters today have some sort of LCD screen that displays programming inputs, functional information, and other necessary data that the user needs to see at a moment’s notice.  But if that LCD screen becomes scratched or clouded, that data may not be seen with the necessary clarity.  That’s where the RC Screen Protector comes in.  They’re available from (imagine that) RC Screen Protectors, 343 Indian Hills Dr., Meridian, MS 39305.

                 The screen protectors are available for many popular transmitters, including the Futaba 14MZ, 9Z, 9C, and 9C Super, the JR 9303, 10X, 7202, 6102 and Spektrum DX7 and they’ll be available for many others in the near future.  They come in a package of two for about $14 pkg. Since the protectors are absolutely transparent, it’s hard to take a picture of them, but I’ve tried, in Photo 7.

                 The protectors use an adhesion method called a “self wetting adhesive” that holds tight to the LCD screen with little effort. The sun’s UV rays have no effect on the material, and they can be removed by applying a piece of tape to the protector and lifting it off the screen.  Air bubbles can be removed by slightly lifting the protector and laying it down again.  It can be repositioned many times unless you get fingerprints of dust on the back side.

                 I bought a pair for my JR 9303 and Spektrum DX7 and they were each applied easily after cleaning the surfaces of the LCD panels with a soft cloth and eyeglass cleaner. All you do is place the protector along the long edge of the screen and let it fall into position. If an air bubble appears (and they will), just lift the closest corner of the protector with a piece of masking tape and allow it to slowly fall into place again.  The final result can be seen on my DX7 prior to removing that last air bubble, in Photo 8. Actually, since it’s so clear, maybe your can’t see it.

                 The RC Screen Protectors will certainly help keep your LCD screens clear and bright for a long time. They may also increase the resale value of your transmitter if you later decide to upgrade. I think the RC Screen Protectors are a good investment.

We believe we make a superior product that modelers want and need.  That goes without saying.  Here are a some comments from others that may be more unbiased reviewers.

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Yup… It’s official… It’s an internet world.  Below are a few links that others have posted about RC Screen Protectors.  These are the most unbiased reviews you will find of our products. These are also some of our favorite surfing hangouts!


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My name is Sylvain, this is to inform you that I received your product today,

I installed the film after cleaning the screen and its simply fabulous, new Tx.

Made me want to clean the whole thing up, I got a Futaba 7C, 72MHz its a

couple of years old but now it looks brand new.

I may even fly better because of it (lol).

Many thanks, Mr. Chuck and to the people who work with you.

Good day.